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Nepal-the country of Mount Everest-is rich in her natural beauty, culture and tradition and the perfect expressions of this richness are abundant in the form of handicrafts, indigenous garments and natural fabrics. The Nepalese handicrafts and fabrics are not only rich and beautiful but they are useful too. Some of them have artistic value and some have the rustic charm. However, these handicrafts are quite popular among the Western European countries, North America, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so on. 

Motherland Traders (MLT) was registered 26 years ago in the year 1981 with HMG/Nepal, Ministry of Commerce, Department of Commerce. The initial objectives of MLT were to promote export of Nepalese handicrafts and textiles and thus help uplift the economic conditions of the craftsmen and ordinary workers those were directly or indirectly associated with MLT. As MLT also started representing UK companies in Nepal, the objectives are extended further beyond.

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